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One on One

If you are seeking to improve or achieve any of the following in your life, individual counselling may be right for you:

Healthy communication and boundaries in personal and professional relationships | Self-esteem | Confidence | Motivation | Understanding and fulfilling emotional needs | Healing from past wounds | Learning how to cope with difficult family dynamics

Group Therapy

6-10 person group counselling

Some of the ways group counselling is different from individual counselling:

- Creates social connection/fights isolation

- Witness that you are not alone in the struggles you face nor with the goals you are hoping to achieve.

- Support and camaraderie experienced in the cocoon of a small group of individuals working on similar issues.

- May be more financially feasible than individual counselling. 


Online psycho-educational workshops

Online workshops provide knowledge and resources on how to reach common goals related to mental health and wellness. Since workshops are not a substitute for therapy, you can expect to gain a new understanding on how to how to work towards specific goal, learn some tools for self-empowerment and practical exercises you can do on your own for continued improvement. If you've been ambivalent or want to know more about how individual or group counselling can further help, this is a good place to start.

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